19 Oct 2016

30 Latest PC tricks October 2016 (( only new tricks)).

This post is about some useful pc and internet tricks.You can use these tricks to improve your experience on internet and personal computers.

1.       If you want to increase your RAM, do not need to spend money spent money. Simply connect your pen drive/flash drive/thumb drive to PC. Now go to properties of drive and enable Ready boost feature.

2.       It is possible to create your own setup/executable file by built-in feature of windows. Press window + Rand type iexpress. Now hit enter button.

3.       If you are facing slow net connection in PC or android devices. You can use Google weblights to load webpages faster. 
     It increase about 80% speed by decreasing quality of images and removing adds. 


4.       You can create your personal webpage for free, and use it for online portfolio, information related to business etc. You can share and link webpage on social sites. Some of them are:-

5.       Double click at top of any window to maximize it.

6.       Create a disposable email id. You can use it when you do not want to give your real email id.

·         https://10minutemail.net/

7.       To open new blank document in wordpad, notepad or paint. Press Ctrl + N. You can also use it in any browser to open new window.

8.       To make text bold press Ctrl + B and for italics press Ctrl + I. You can also press Ctrl + U to underline text.

9.       To copy paste and cut text/images/files/folder. Select desired file and Press Ctrl + c, Ctrl + v and Ctrl + x respectively. You can press Ctrl + S to save.
10.   Press Ctrl + A to select all.
11.   Press Window + Plus Sign or Window + Minus Sign to turn on magnifier.

12.   Press Window+u to enable onscreen keyboard.

16.   Upload files on sites like ziddu and play online quizzes in sites like Lapttuto earn some pocket money.

17.   To know your IP address, open command prompt (cmd) window and type ipconfig.

18.   If you want to know IP address of any website, open command prompt window and type nslookup websitename.

Example:-   If you want to know IP address of info4download blog then type  nslookup info4download.com  in command prompt window.       

19.   To know your operating system details type wmic os in command prompt.

20.   To display list of currently running process type tasklist in command prompt.

21.   Open command prompt and type shutdown.exe –t 00  to shut down your PC.

22.   Open command prompt and type color 02. It will change color. You can use different numbers for different colors.

23. Visit fotor, to edit your photos with advanced tools.

24. To download any video in YouTube, add ss before YouTube in URL.

25. To change position of currently open window. Press Window + Direction Keys.

26. You can use Google for entertainment also. Just search given below keywords in Google or click on any word.
      askew, recrusion, do a barrel roll, google space, google sphere, google heart, zerg rush, google gravity, atari breakout.

 27. To open any link in new window, simply middle click on it.

28. In window 8 and 10 you can use buit-in feature called snip tool to take snapshot of screen. But in earlier version you can take snapshot by pressing print screen key from keyword and paste it in MSpaint by pressing Ctrl + V.
    29. You can play media files in Chrome or Firefox by dragging and dropping in browser window.

   30. You can set smartphone like pattern lock feature in your Windows PC by using Eusing Maze Lock software.

I hope you enjoyed above tricks. If you have any question, confusion, query or suggestions feel free to comment below. You are always welcome.

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12 Oct 2016

Why superhero games are not much popular now?

Video games are one of best gift of technology. We all like to play popular games like temple run oz and subway surfers for pc. But have you ever thought that why people do not prefer to play superhero games, On other hand Superhero movies like Captain America and Iron man are earning lot? 

Thousands of superhero game downloads and superhero game reviews are available in internet and many superhero games are still in development. But expert or experienced game players avoid these games. Well in this post I will describe why these games are considered as kid games.

Story and concepts.

Generally we see that story of superhero games reflects from movie or comic book series, which destroy its suspense. We already know what is going to happen and what we have to do. There is no surprise to entertain players. So we can say that game story and character development of superhero games is worst. Whereas games like Prince of Persia give good and legendary example of game storyline.
A good story leaves long term effect on player’s mind, which encourages him to play game again and again and he eagerly waits for latest release of game. A good story is must for feeling of adventure but superhero games truly lacks this.

Graphics, sound effect and environment.
Though Superhero games have good graphics but it is nothing in front of games like God of war. For example if you play God of war 3 PC game, you will find something new in each level, whole game takes place at different platforms, which gives feeling of adventure along with action.
On other hand if you play games like transformer you have to play different levels in same environment, which becomes boring after some levels. Superhero games fail to give experience of new environment to players. 

Lack of strategy and repeated content.

Superhero games do not features strategy making which is very essential. There is lot of action and superb animated moves in superhero games but players get irritated by using all these again. Also it is seen superheroes are more powerful than villains which makes game more worst. In whole game you have to only beat and beat enemies without using your mind. This is because experienced video game player would prefer to play IGI or delta force instead of Hulk or Spiderman.
One more thing you may notice while playing superhero games that there is lot of repeated content and almost similar method to beat boss enemies in different parts. For example if you play Spiderman, you have to defeat  rhino using same method in all parts whereas if you play non-superhero games like resident evil you will find different method to kill giant monsters.

Still have scope.
Instead of lots of limitations superhero games have huge scope in future because it is nice experience for kids to plays as their superhero. They can control their super hero and beat their enemies. Other reason for these demerits of superhero games is that they are especially made for kids and it is not safe to embed lot of violence in such games.

Overall superhero games may be more interesting if there are some puzzling situations, repetition is avoided and most important unique storyline.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. You are always welcome if you have any suggestion regarding theme and content of blog. Keep visiting for many more cool and interesting stuffs like this.
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8 Sep 2016

Rank your blog higher in google search results.

To get more traffic to your blog, it is very important to rank higher in search results. Here I am suggesting some tools and tricks in this post to rank your blogspot blog higher. Blog traffic increase tips free and quickly. You will read 5 tips to increase blog’s organic traffic by search engines.

 1. Use custom robots.txt

Custom robots.txt is excellent feature offered by blogger platform. Most of beginners ignore this useful feature. To use it go to Settings >> Search Preferences >> Crawlers and indexing and enable Custom robots.txt, Then copy and paste below codes.

Or you can find robots.txt code for your blog at http://www.example.com/robots.txt

2.  Use free title and keyword generators for higher rank.

There are many free title generators available to get best topic. You can also use paid tools but here are two important free tools, which I used most this summer. Both are my favorite and I am sure you will find them useful.

You can also use free keyword research tool to get high quality keywords. Use keywords in your posts to rank higher in search results.

3. Submit HTML and XML sitemaps and join blogging communities.

You can submit XML sitemap to different search engines. Also use HTML sitemap for visitors of your blog. According to Google webmasters it is necessary to have sitemap of blog for proper indexing and crawling by google bots.
 I am sure you are well aware of this point. Join as many as blogging communities possible and remain active on them. If you are from India, then you can join Indiblogger, Blogadda, BlogEngage, BizSugar and FuelMyBlog blogging communities.

4. All in one free Blogger SEO plugin 2016.

You can also use free plugin for blogspot platform to increase your traffic and search ranking. Go to Template >> Edit HTML and copy and paste code below just after <head> with necessary changes.

Now replace GOOGLE, BING, YANDEX, ALEXA by your google, bing, yandex and alexa varification code. Also replace FACEBOOK, TWITTER and GOOGLE+ by your profile URL.

5. Eliminate copied content.
Today many copy-paste bloggers used to copy-paste work of blogs of innocent and beginner bloggers. As a result newbiees have to pay by lowering down in search results even they have quality content.
To know that your content is copied or not. just copy a paragraph and search it in google with quotations. If you find such blog, immediately submit DCMA report to google.

I hope these tips will help you to rank your blog higher in search results. Keep visiting for latest tricks, tips and offers.

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Easy method Activate airtel zero rental pack .

Airtel zero rental pack is a key to use most of tricks in PC or android. This post is deep tutorial to activate zero rental pack in airtel. I will also tell you method to activate internet for whole month.

You can ready older posts like Idea data tricks, airtel data hacks or free cracked IDM download trick.

Now question arise what is airtel rental pack and how to activate it. Well I am not sure about it but according to me after activating this pack you can use 3g signals in your 2g pack. That's why it is very essential for many airtel 3g data tricks.

So these are some requirements to activate this pack : -
  • Rs. 97 1GB 2G data pack.
  • PC or Laptop, you can try it with your smartphone.

  • 3g enabled sim and airtel 3g network in your area.
  • Main account balance should be 50 pasia to call to customer care.
 If you have all above requirements fulfilled then you are ready to activate airtel zero rental pack.

  • First of all recharge your airtel number with Rs.97 to get GB 2g data for one month.
  • Now use atleast 700 MB data by downloading or anything else.

  • Now call to customer care and ask that "I am getting speed capping issues in my mobile internet. Internet is running very slowly". Use your comman sense to answer simple questtions. That's it.
  • You will be asked to wait 30 minutes and then restart your phone. Simply follow instructions given by customer care executive. After half hour you can enjoy airtel zero rental pack.


Many airtel data trick require small internet to connect to TCP, UDP or DNS server.
 Airtel is offering 70MB internet to all customers for one month at just Rs.29. You can activate this offer by dialing USSD *567*29#.

Alternatively you can buy a special recharge coupon of Rs. 9 from nearest airtel retailer shop. Now dial *131*9*<14-digit-pin-code>*2# from your airtel mobile number. You will get 20 MB data for 30 days. Use it for free internet.

I hope you find this post useful. If this trick not worked for you, do not upset. Try another trick from lots of trick in this blog. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

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21 Aug 2016

Upload ocean honest review 2016 (EARN UPTO $21 PER 1000 DOWNLOADS).

Upload ocean is one of best upload and earn cash sites in 2016. It is a nice way to upload and earn in India. Using this site you can earn online cash for free at home. You can earn up to $21 per thousand downloads by earn online easy money policy of upload ocean file sharing service. This is upload ocean review to earn online Indian rupees instantly.

Upload ocean provides best download speed using SSD powered servers. All your files are safe & protected with SSL via 256 Bit Encryption Technology. New interface of upload ocean is attractive, simple and user friendly. Although it provides premium account also but you can use its free account at beginning to earn sufficient online money. 


  • User can directly download file without any captha test.
  • Files are safe, secure and protected by best encryption technology.
  • Nice referral program, you will get 10% earning of your referral for lifetime.
  • They pay for all uploaded files larger than 1KB. You can earn up to $21 per 1000 downloads, if major traffic of your blog is from US, UK or Canada.
  • Minimum payout of this upload data and earn money website is only $10. Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours after request.
  • Upload Ocean offers many payment options. You can receive your payment through PayPal, Paytm, Payza, Bitcoin, Neteller, ZebPay, Mobikwik cash, Freecharge money, Oxigen wallet, TransferWise, Pockets and bank transfer (India only).
  • You can upload files even without registration but then you will not earn money. Only registered accounts can earn money.
  • There is no restriction on number of files and file size to upload. You will get 10GB free space even in free account. 


  • They will place lot of advertisement on all download page of free account users. Although it does not affect your reputation, but visitors may click on those advertisement instead of content to download. It will irritate visitors too much.
  •  They will delete those files of free account holders which are not downloaded since 30 days. If file is downloaded even single time in a month, then they will not delete it.
  • Currently I have no proof that they really pay or not. 

      How to earn online by uploading files?

      • Now enter your details, password and email. After that verify your email.
      • Login to upload ocean using your username and password.
       Now you are ready to upload files. Upload files and share links on facebook, twitter, blogs and forms. You will paid for each legal download. You can see more rules and regulations at official website of upload ocean. 

      Sharing is caring. So share this latest how to upload and earn money trick with your friends. Comment below if you face any problem in this post.


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      20 Aug 2016

      Bing ads free advertising trick 2016-17 [SECRET COUPON REVEALED].

      Bing is a popular search engine operated and powered by Microsoft. It is second choice of most of web users after Google. Means you can get lot of traffic from Bing. Now I am presenting a trick get absolutely free advertisement by Bing ads.

      If you are searching for blogging tricks, then you are at right place. You can read Necessary SEO changes for blogger blogs or Method tosubmit XML sitemap to search engines.

      Bing ads free advertising support by info4download blog youtube.

      Bing ads is best alternative of google adwords, because bing ads features are almost similar to google adwords. Bing ads support and bing web-master suppot are excellent. You can boost traffic status of your blog by using it. But no need to invest a single dollar, because bing is giving 3000 INR to new customers for advertising. This is official promotional limited time offer from bing to increase its customers. So grab this offer as soon as possible.

      Read below bing ads ultimate guide to get this free offer.

      • First of all create a Microsoft account using gmail or yahoo mail or any other mail ID.

      • Now open Bing ads official login page. Click here.

      • Click on Sign in with Microsoft account and use your Microsoft account details to sign in Bing ads.

      • Now create a new campaign and fill necessary details like URL of blog, keywords, budget.

      • Select payment method payment through credit card or debit card. Here you have to use your real credit card details, otherwise your account will be suspended.

      • Now open your gmail or yahoo mail or any other mail ID which you used to create Microsoft account. You will receive a coupon code of Rs. 3000. Simply copy this code.

      • Now go to Bing ads dashboard. Redeem your coupon to get RS.3000. Now your advertisement of your blog or website will appear till you have balance in your account.

      When redeemed coupon amount is over, again repeat whole process from beginning with new email ID. In this way you can advertise your blog free without investing a single rupee till june 2017. Note that never enter wrong details or fake information, otherwise account will be permanently banned.

      Terms and conditions of offer:-

      1. Bing ads benefit offer is valid till 15 June 2017(mid Pacific Time zone) for new bing ads customers from India.

      2. Coupon code must be used within 90 days. After that it will expired.

      3. Bing ads affiliate code can be redeemed once per account. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Read more terms and conditions at official website of Bing ads.

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      Unlimited one hour 2g/3g/4g net without speed capping [LATEST].

      Enjoy unlimited 4g without speed capping in Idea just for Rs.1 in idea net cafe pack. I know it is unbelievable but it’s true now. In this post I will tell you how to get 2g, 3g or 4g one hour unlimited net cafe pack in idea and airtel.

      As we already knew that airtel had launched its 2g net cafe pack. But idea had recently launched one hour pack for 2g, 3g as well as 4g networks. But there is huge difference between rates of net packs. But now you can choose packs easily according to your budget. 

      Idea unlimited 1hr 4g pack at Rs.1.

      When I read about this offer first time, I thought it is a joke. But it is real limited period offer from idea. To avail this offer you must be in 4g network area. To activate this offer read steps below.
      Connect your 4g enabled idea sim to your 4g mobile hand-set.

      • Open dialer and call 411. Follow instruction and activate pack. Unlimited 4g net pack will be activated and Rs.1 will be deducted from your main account balance.

      This is great offer from idea but sadly you cannot enjoy this offer without 4g Smartphone, 4g enabled idea sim and 4g network in your area. If you have all these requirements fulfilled then enjoy high speed surfing and download.

      Idea unlimited 1hr 3g pack at Rs.58.

      Idea is also providing unlimited 3g for one hour to its customer. There will no speed capping at all even in PC, but it is little costly as compared to 4g. I am sure you will agree with me.
      To activate this unlimited 3g pack visit nearest idea retailer and ask to recharge RS.58. That’s it.

      Idea unlimited 1hr 2g pack at Rs.6.

      Enjoy unlimited internet at 2g speed in idea for one hour at just Rs.6. To activate this pack dial *369*55# and confirm your activation by replying one.

      Airtel unlimited 1hr 2g pack at Rs.5 only.

        This is cheapest one hour unlimited net cafe pack first time introduced by airtel. You can activate this pack in your 2g/3g airtel sim by dialing *567*100# after that reply one to confirm activation. But sometimes you may feel speed capping problem in PC. To solve problem of speed capping in airtel read trick to avoid speed capping in airtel one hour net cafe pack.

      If you find this post helpful, do not forget to share with friends. And comment below if you face any problem in post.

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