27 May 2016


Hello Friends.

At first sight notepad seems to be a simple text editor. But in reality it is one of most powerful tool. Notepad is used in C,  C++,  java programming etc.

Don’t worry I will not force you to learn programming languages. You can use notepad to impress, horrify and trick your friends, even without knowledge of programming language.

You can use notepad to create millions of folders in one second, crash and shutdown PC, stop net connection permanently, create virus, watch movie, ultra shortcuts, making you computer talk and many more.

In this post I had collected all links which includes tricks related to notepad. What you have to do is to open notepad and paste codes. So get ready to see real power of notepad 

Here you could find some useful application of notepad and batch programming in daily life. In batch programming files are saved as “filename.bat". Here (.bat)extension describes that it is batch file.

So let’s begin with some useful tricks which may help to make your life easy.

Now I am presenting tricks to impress your friends and reveal real power of notepad.

Soon I will update this post to add more notepad tricks. If you have more notepad tricks please contact me.
So go for it now, use these tricks and enjoy.

Please comment if you face any problem.  We will respond as fast as possible.
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