30 May 2016

10 Trusted, trending, legit and safe ways to earn money online.

Have you ever thought of earning money online? Would you like to earn pocket money online?
Definitely you would like to do.
But now question arise that “Is it possible to earn money online?
Answer is "YES IT IS."
You can earn money online with little effort like doing some micro tasks or playing games.
There are hundreds of PCT, GPT and money earning sites where you can sign up and start earning money.
Today thousands of people are earning money online as either full time or part time.

Although it is true that internet is full of fake and scam sites . Such sites never pays there users. They are total wastage of time. I would not  recommend to use them.

But don't upset, Their is trick to find true and honest sites. You should research and  find sites which are old enough and paying users for long time. Try to search on Google about their reputation , payment methods, payment proofs, latest reviews and minimum threshold.Never trust on sites which demand personal details like credit card. Do not trust on sites which promise to make you rich shortly.

Now you will ask why they are paying for simple tasks ?

Probably you may think that they they are rich people and spending money without profit!

But is is not whole truth. They are not working without profit. They are paid by advertisers to promote others to view their ads . And when you view their ads they pay a part of advertiser's  payment.

Let me more clear you.

Suppose you watched a YouTube video , For which advertiser paid $0.1 to site owner. Now site will keep 20% for itself and reset 80% transferred to your account or wallet. Means you get $0.08 , which is not bad.

Now question arise How they will pay you ?

Most of sites pay by PayPal , Payza , Bitcoin or cheque . Some sites even pay as mobile talk time.
They will pay you when you reach minimum withdrawal amount or minimum threshold. It is different for different sites . It may be $0.5 or even $100.

I would personally recommend PayPal account. At present I am using it and believe me it is very safe,secure and user friendly with excellent customer support. All you need to sign up with password and email id . Verify your email id and phone number. You can link your bank account later to withdraw money. Whole verification process is as easy as cakewalk.

Some sites also pay by cheque but generally minimum threshold for cheque is high than others.Some sites also give option of alternative methods such as mobile talk time, amazon vouchers, etc.

Not still there may be one question in your mind Will they really pay ?

Yes. They will definitely pay , Because they are not working without profit.
Some of them have excellent customer support. Simply they want more users for more profit.

Now I hope your doubts are clear about online earning.

Today I am going to share a list of some website which  will pay you for doing our favorite online tasks like playing games or quizzes,watching videos,net surfing,viewing adds and taking survey etc.
Although they will not make you rich in one night but you can earn some money with little effort.

Now its your turn to try and earn some pocket money,


Lapttu is website which will pay you for playing quizzes.when you reach minimum amount of  Rs10 you can redeem it to recharge your mobile.
It is easiest of all as well as they will pay money for math and quizzes only for playing.
But you have to score high in daily quizzes to earn. Daily quizzes start  in every 15min so you have unlimited opportunities to win talktime.

 Currently they are giving Rs 3 only for sign up.


SWAGBUCKS is awesome website which will pay you for watching videos,playing games,using their search engine,entering swag codes etc.

Join Swagbucks to get 5points free.

They will give you some swagbucks (SB) for every tasks which you can convert into amazon vouchers, coupons etc.
You can also earn 1SB  daily only for installing their tool bar

    At present they are giving 5SB for sign up.


 CLICKSENSE is one of the oldest online money making PTC site.They will pay you some dollars for minor tasks like viewing adds, taking surveys and clicksense grid.
 In which clicksense grid is best because you can earn $10 only by clicking in picture .
 you can redeem by paypal,cheque,payza etc. This website is paying money for long time .  

To participate you need to sign up here.


CRASHCRATES is  a PTC website similar to clicksense . It has excellent user interference, Everything is in front of you.You have to choose what to do. If you have limited time then this is best site .
you can earn by taking surveys , completing offers ,viewing adds,using their search engine and many more . sign up here.


If we are talking about earning money online, Fiverr can not be neglected. Fiverr is largest platform for earning money by utilizing your hobby ,talent or profession.
Here you can list your gig (work or service provided by you) .you can earn $5 for per gig . So you can earn up to $150 per month for selling at least one gig per day. 
 A gig may be anything. like ebooks, softwares, ecards ,funny or animated videos,paintings , handicrafts,web designing etc. 
you can buy or sell your gig after sign up.


INBOXDOLLARS is also a PTC website which will pay you for using their search engine, reading emails, survey, games and completing offers.

Info4download :- Join now to get $5 bonus free .

Once you reach minimum amount of $30 you can redeem by paypal, cheque etc.

currently they are giving $5 only for signup.


7. CashNGifts

This is awesome website where you can earn thousands of cash, mobile vouchers and gifts.You can earn money by completing surveys, offers, shopping, inviting friends, lotteries and contests.
They offer 2 points for everyday log in. You can redeem once you have 500 points.
Join cashngifts now and get bonus 100 points.
Currently they are giving 100 points ( RS 10 ) for sign up.

[UPDATE August 2016].
Cashngifts is now giving 10 points for daily login. You can earn 5 points by logging in to website and more 5 points by logging in to cashngifts app on same day.


You have any content which you want to share with others then this platform is best for you.
You can upload file on ziddu and share with your friends . they pay 1 usd per thousand download.
You can also earn by playing games.

Info4download- upload more and earn more with ziddu.

They will pay when you reach minimum amount of $10.They provide many payment options like mobile talk time , vouchers, coupons ,bit coin etc.
Currently they are giving 100 points ($0.1)  as signup bonus.  signup. 


Ziddu is closing its cloud uploading service and earn form uploads from 31 August 2016. Now you can not upload files on ziddu to earn money. So take backup of your files before that.


This is comparatively new site but still it is paying its users regularly. This site offers a feature called chat-box. You can use chat-box to chat with other users while earning money.Best feature of this site is its minimum threshold potential. Its minimum payout is only $1.Therefore you can takeout money everyday after completing  approx three surveys.

Join rewarding ways now.

You can earn money by completing daily surveys, viewing PTC adds, offer walls and many more. This site offers a feature called chat-box. You can use chat-box to chat with other users while earning money.
Rewarding ways pays through PayPal and Bitcoin when you earn at least $1.
Join now to get $0.20 signup bonus.
Click here to signup now!


PROTYPERS is website which will pay you for typing CAPTHA (captha are words that are used to ensure that you are human not a robot.)

 I am sure you have already faced many capathas but now you can earn for typing correct captha.
This website will pay between $0.45-$1.00 per 1000 capthas. But remember repeated mistakes may result in permanent suspension of your account.

They pay through Paypal, payza, perfect money etc.
Although i had not long term experience with them, But it is clear that You need to work comparatively hard to earn as well as your typing speed should be excellent. You can start your work by sign up.

If you knew more sites ? please comment below for that others.

Hope you like this post. please share it.
If you have any problem or questions , Please comment.


1. Don't try to cheat above websites.
2. They will not make you rich in one night but you can earn some money with little effort.
3.Above websites are not mine . I am just providing list according to my own experience for readers.My opinion is not to promote or criticize any website.

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