26 May 2016

Top secret trick to make folder using notepad.

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Everybody knows how to create a new folder in Microsoft windows. But a common question arise that what is procedure behind this ?  today I will explain you how to make folders using notepad.you can use this smart trick when you have to create many folders or folders inside folder.

Well its very simple with the help of notepad and spicy basic batch programming.

You need to follow some simple steps.

Step1 :-  Open notepad 
  • Press win + R.
  • Then type  " notepad " in  text-field.
  • Now click ok.

Create folder using notepad
This picture shows how to open notepad.

Step2 :-  Coding.

After opening notepad, type in notepad  "   md  <folder name>  " .
For example=> To create a folder name puppy you can type md puppy.

Similarly you can type infinite names to create infinite folders of same name. If you want to create folders named puppy, lolly and bloom. You have to type md puppy lolly bloom.

That's it!
 Now in next step you will learn how to save this file to work appropriately.

Step3:- save and run
To make this normal text file working as batch file, you need to save it with (.bat) extension.

For example you can save it as "   creator.bat     ".
Remember here ( .bat ) extension is very important, because this specifies that file is batch file. 

Batch programming basics
Carefully save with (.bat) extension.

  Now your file is ready to use. Copy and paste this file to location where you want to create folders.
Whenever you will run this batch file specified folders get created automatically.

I think you had cleared your basic doubts about above steps. I will recommend you to practically create above file before jumping to next part.

In next step you will learn how to create folders inside folders.

Step4:- Folder inside folder

 Some times we need to create folders and few sub-folder inside them. For this we have to manually open each folder and create sub-folders inside them. It becomes too much irritating. But no need to worry about it. This problem can be solved by using below syntax.

  md  folder\ sub-folder1\ sub-folder2\ sub-folder3.

For example=> If you want to create folder species and a sub-folder mammal inside it. You can simply type  md species\mammal. It will create a folder mammal inside folder species.

Similarly if you want to create folder jelly and a folder cream inside jelly and a folder nuts inside cream, You have to type md jelly\cream\nuts.

 In this way you can create infinite folder inside folder like branches of a tree.

Create folder inside folder using notepad.
You can create folder inside folder as shown above.

So you can create folder using these steps. It can be used in many ways depend on your creativity and imagination. You can see how I had used this to create super irritating PC virus.

Overall you have to type foldernames after keyword "md" and save as "name.bat" using notepad.

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