27 May 2016

Trick to create shortcut for notepad and shutdown PC using batch programming.

Hi guys
In my previous post i described How to make matrix effect using notepad.

Now this time i am going to tell you how to create shortcut for notepad and shutdown using notepad.

If you need to open notepad rapidly then it may help you.It is very easy Just follow steps given below to create shortcut for notepad.

Step1:- Open notepad or wordpad.

Step2:-Type "notepad.exe" without quotes("")

Step3:- Save as "notepad.bat" and run it.

Similarly you can create shortcut to shutdown PC.

  • Open notepad by pressing window + R key and type notepad.
  • Type shutdown.exe -s -t 10 -c "your PC will shutdown" in notepad.
  • Save it as shutdown.bat and run it.
  • Your shortcut for shutdown is ready to use.

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