9 Jun 2016

Download Logic Solver a Basic JAVA Project (With Coding).

Hello Friends ,

Everybody use calculator in daily life. Today calculators are one of basic needs.

You may have realized that sometimes we need to enter values many times for complex calculation.
For example if you have to calculate area of circle you have to enter value of pie then twice value of radius. frustrating!Also calculators can not calculate logarithm and trignometric values.
Condition becomes more difficult when you have to do complex calculation like simple interest, compound interest or exponential problems.

To deal these problems, Today i am presenting you a brand new software Logic Solver.
Actually it is simple java project. I had coded it in 11th standard as school project. After some modifications it is ready to use by all.
So download and give your suggestion about it. If you want you can request its source code for your own project.

Download this exclusive freeware.


  • Windows vista/ xp/7/8/10 etc.
  • Directx 9.0 
  • keyboard+mouse

  • Release date :- 04/06/2016.
  • Version:- LogicSolver 1.1.
  • Programmer:- Rishi Tiwari  (C.E.O. Info4download blog).
  • Software:- freeware.
  • Size:- 230 KB.
  • Suitable for:- All age groups. ( Recommended for 5-15 years).

This small size tool may prove very beneficial for you.

Features of Logic Solver 1.1:-

  • Simple Calculator.
  • Area, Perimeter and volume calculator (both 2d and 3d figures . Like sqaure, cube,frustum etc).
  • Exponential problems.
  • Trigonometric problems.
  • Simple and Compound interest.
  • Table printer .
  •  Text editor.

Other features are:-

  • Excellent exception handling.
  • Nice user interference.
  • Multi platform support.

So download and use this small tool which is safe for all age groups.

Coded by info4download download

Please comment your questions or problems. Also inform about bugs. I will respond as fast as possible.

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