15 Jun 2016

Important tips to protect your eyes in front of screen.

Hello friends.

Today when I was reading newspaper, I saw some valuable suggestions to protect eyes in front of screen. So I decided to share it with readers of info4download blog. It may be beneficial for you, if you use your PC, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone for more than two hours.

1.       20-20-20 RULE

First suggestion that impressed me lot is 20-20-20 rule. It may prove golden rule for good health if followed properly. 

According to this rule you have to take break after every 20 minutes and look at distance of 20 meters for 20 seconds.

Although it is very good suggestion, but it becomes difficult to remind after every 20 minutes. Especially if you are doing highly concentrated task like playing games, preparation of presentation, programming etc.

But don’t worry. There are still many ways to protect your vision. Just read continue.

2.         AVOID  DARK ROOM.

I think this is most common factor which damage vision. If you are using studying or using PC etc in dark room then you must be careful. Remember here I am using dark word not for complete black darkness, but for closed rooms with low light intensity.

It is my personal experience. About two years ago, my friend used to study in his bed room even in day time under LED lights. As a result he had to suffer from vision problems like doctors, headache, glasses etc.

So I will suggest you never to study or use PC/laptop in dark or under low lights. You can try to study under natural light.


If you are already suffering from eye problems or you have no choice except dark room. Then I would suggest you to use dark contrast in PC, laptop or smart phone. Today almost every device offers this feature. You can turn it on from settings. For example in windows 8, Right click on desktop select personalize and then high contrast.
It may helps lot if you use PC for long time. Even I am writing this post under high contrast.


We know that every coin have two faces. Similarly technology has both pros and cons. You can download and use software and add-on (browser extension).These software may prove helpful for you if you browse net continuously for long hours.


If you are game addicted like me then it is difficult to protect your eyes, because you cannot use high contrast feature, any software, add-on etc in games and some other apps.

Therefore you can protect yourself only by your mental power. It is possible that you are not able to leave games even you are suffering vision problems. Simply you can try to delete game permanently. If you do not want to delete your game then make it invisible for some time.

I strictly recommend you not to use internet or social sites while working in PC, because it decreases concentration as well as waste time. If you distract from your work then you have to spend comparatively more time in front of screen


You can try yoga, Meditation and other physical games which are good for health. Play outdoor games with friends when you have free time.


If problem remains continue, I would recommend you not to waste time and consult with doctor.


  •      I am not a doctor or expert. Here I am sharing my own personal experience.

  •        Please carefully read disclaimer and privacy policy.

  •        If you are suffering from serious or minor vision problem, then You are suggested to visit doctor before taking any step.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Visit info4download blog again for more tricks, tips, reviews, offers and many more.

Comment below your problems and suggestions. Share it.

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