12 Jun 2016

PD-Proxy VPN Service.

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We all want secure data transmission so that nobody could hack or track it. It becomes more significant when we use public sources like wifi or hotel services.

Everybody has right to browse safley across internet. Sometimes people feels hopeless and helpless in huge internet world.Finally we conclude that it is not in control to protect ourself from malicious crackers, hackers and jealous friends.

If your opinion is similar then you had seen only one face of coin. with development in hacking technology antithreats has also been developed.

Nowdays many softwares ,tools and apps are available which can be used to protect our privacy.
In which PDPROXY is one of my favorite fantastic tools because of its unique user interferance, free availability, Free lifetime demo and technical support.

 This software has excellent ability to unblock sites which are blocked by your normal ISP ( Internet Service Provider) . As well as it becomes impossible for others to disclose your privacy. like what are you doing on net? what is your current location? and many more?

According to creators of PD-Proxy VPN Service.
 "PD-Proxy is a tunneling software that can secure your internet connection by encrypting all your connections to the internet."

PD-PROXY uses VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to ensure secure data transmission. It can be understood in this way that, pdproxy opens a vitual private
tunnel and data travels through this secure tunnel. Clearly their is no chance toget tracked.


How to use pdproxy?

Procedure of using pdproxy is as easy as cakewalk.You can use free version for life time. If you like you can upgrade for extra features.

 You need to follow some simple steps:

STEP1=> Open Official website of pdproxy. click here.

STEP2=> Click on Sigup button.  click here.

STEP3=> Enter valid email id, username, password.

STEP4=> Activate your account by verifying your email.

STEP5=> Download pdproxy from official website and unzip it. Download now.

STEP6=> Open PD-Proxy.exe When a prompt message asking you to install a driver press Yes.

STEP7=> Connect to demo server 1 by using registered username and password.

STEP8=> Wait untill message shows "Succesfully connected to server!".
If everything goes right it always connect in first trial. If it fails then press connect button again.

STEP9=> You had done. Enjoy safe and secure browsing.

Before connecting PD-Proxy VPN Service take following precaution:
  • Confirm that you had completed all steps of registration and your username and password is properly registered.
  • Do not enter random username and password.
  • Check you internet connection is working properly.

So enjoy safe and secure PD-Proxy VPN Service.

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