12 Jun 2016

Show out of coverage message to friends in any mobile hand-set [[ EVEN IN JAVA MOBILES]].

Hello Friends,

Suppose a condition when you are not in mood to talk to your friend. Then what would you do?

You can either switch off or keep your mobile in silent mode. But think it will to much annoy your friends or relatives. To deal with this situation there is alternative path.

Today I am presenting a new network trick. You can use this trick to show OUT OF COVERAGE AREA message to caller. You do not need any software for this. Just use your mind to achieve your goal.

Out of coverage message.
Follow steps given below:-

STEP1 :- Take out your mobile phone. Stop everything like apps, music, videos etc.

STEP2 :- Open back cover and take out battery. (Do not switch off phone).

STEP3 :- Now put battery back but do not switch on your phone.

How it works?

There is simple logic behind it. When you switch off your phone, then a message is automatically send to your service provider. Therefore when anybody calls you, he/she receives message that phone is switched off.

But when you take out battery at once then no message is sent. Then condition is similar that you entered in no signal area. And you can use this limitation for your benefit.

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