12 Jun 2016

Trick to make files/folders invisible by built in feature of windows.

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Recently I had shared how to hide batch file behind ashortcut with icon. But suppose you want to hide entire folder then what would you do?

There are many situations when we do not want others to see our personal files. Or sometimes we want to hide files for later use.

 Today I am presenting ultimate solution for such problems. You can simply make your files invisible by built in feature of windows. After reading this post carefully you will be able to make your files appear or disappear.

What you have to do is to follow some easy steps carefully.

To hide files or folders

STEP1 :-Open path where file/folder is located.

STEP2 :- Right click on it and select properties.

STEP3 :-Now click on checkbox in front of hidden. As shown in figure:-

Make files and folders invisible without any software.

 In this way you can make your file/folder invisible.

To unhide files or folders

Now in this part you will you will learn how to make file/folder visible again.

STEP1 :- Open control panel.

·         Press Window + R.

·         Type “Control Panel”

·         Hit enter button.

STEP2 :- Now find search bar at top right corner. Search “folder”.

STEP3  :- In search result  find  folder options  and click on show hidden files and folders as shown in figure :-

Find folder option.

A new popup window will open.

STEP4 :-Click on “view” tab located at top. Now find out Hidden files and folders.

STEP5 :-  Select show hidden files and folders.

Recover your file.

STEP6 :- Click on Apply button .

You had done! Your folders become visible again. 


1.       Read all steps carefully.

2.       If you are still in confusion, then you are suggested to experiment with empty folder.

3.       Please carefully read disclaimer and Privacy Policy before using it.

If you have any question, confusion, query or suggestions feel free to comment below. You are always welcome.
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