10 Jul 2016

Avoid site blocking in airtel unlimited net cafe pack mystery revealed.

Hello friends.

This post is about trick to unblock sites on PC blocked by 1hr net cafe pack of airtel. If you are regular reader of my blog then I am sure you had read about openly posted 100% working free idea 3g data trick 2016. You can also read about ultra high speed free 750MB 3g/4g idea data trick.

As we know airtel is providing 1hr free unlimited 2g internet at just Rs 5. But while I was surfing net on my desktop, I realized that some sites which consume high data are blocked. When I tried to open sites having high data consuming content like flash games or download based sites, I was automatically redirected to airtel 129 store which is data free site.

I think many of you may also suffering same problem. I googled about it but could not find satisfactory explanation or solution. Then I decided to solve my problem own self. Finally within a week, I had solved this problem with the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you are suffering problem like me, simply follow easy steps given below:-

  • First of all download pd-proxy free software. Click here to download it.
  • Now register here to get your own username and password. You can also use my username and password. I had already zipped it with pd-proxy software.
  • Simply use username and password to connect to demo server 1.
  • When you get successfully connected, start your browser. Now you can open blocked sites.

You can also use this software if you feel somebody is tracking you on internet. If you do not know how to use pd-proxy software read my article about pd-proxy VPN service.

How this trick works?
Actually pd-proxy is a VPN service. It creates virtual tunnel and data travels through this encrypted tunnel. That’s why it becomes impossible for anybody to track your activity on internet. Even your internet service provider (ISP) could not track your activities. In this way it prevents automatic redirection to 129 web store and every site on internet gets unblocked. 

I hope this unblock internet trick worked for you. Please suggest another method if you know about it. Give your response weather trick worked for you or not. If it worked, do not forget to share with friends. 

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