18 Aug 2016

Submit XML sitemap of blogger blogs to all search engines.

Sitemap submission is very important for SEO (Search engine optimization) to increase traffic of blog. In this post I am sharing this detailed tutorial to submit XML sitemap of blogger blog to Google, Bing and other search engines. I will also tell you how to submit RSS sitemap and ATOM sitemap in XML format.

 Although search engines automatically crawl your blog, but submitting a sitemap may dynamically boost your traffic. Don’t worry if you do not know how to make and submit XML sitemap of blogger blogs. Blogspot automatically creates XML sitemap of your blog. To view sitemap of your blog, simply type “http://<your-domain>.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml”. 

Now you have to submit this sitemap to search engines. I will mention one by one, how to submit sitemap to search engines. Read whole post carefully and feel free to ask questions.

     1.  How to submit sitemaps to Google webmaster?

  • Locate and click SUBMIT PROPERTY button at top right corner of google search console window. Type URL of your blog and submit.
Add your property to google webmaster.
  • Now you may have to verify ownership of your blog. To verify choose HTML tag verification method. Copy HTML code and paste it after <head>in your blogger template. Do not forget to take backup of template before editing.
  • After verification return to search console home and select your blog. Now a new dashboard window will open. Click on sitemaps tab at bottom of page.
  • Locate and click ADD/TEST SITEMAP button which is also at top right corner of window.
  • Now fill sitemap.xml in text-field to submit sitemap of blog posts as shown in screen shot below.
Submit xml sitemap to google webmasters.
  • Similarly you can also submit sitemap of static-pages by typing “sitemap-pages.xml” in text-field.
  • To submit ATOM sitemap type atom.xml in text-field and to submit RSS sitemap type rss.xml in text-field.


   2.  How to submit sitemaps to Bing webmasters?      


  • You can see Add a Site at top left corner of window. Paste your blog URL and hit ADD BUTTON.

  • Now a new window About my website will open. Carefully type URL of your blog in first text-field and URL of sitemap in second text-field. As shown in image.
Submit RSS, ATOM AND XML sitemap to bing.
  • Now verify your ownership of your blog as you verified in previous part.
  • After verification go to dashboard and select your blog. Find and click on SUBMIT A SITEMAP button.
  • Now submit all below XML sitemap one by one by replacing your domain name:-

   3.  Submit your sitemap to yandex.

Yandex is a famous Russian search engine. You can also submit sitemap of your blog to this decent service.

  • Now add your blog URL by clicking button at top right corner of window.

  • After that varify your blog as you had done in google webmasters.

  •  Then Click on Sitemap files and submit sitemap as you had done in Bing webmasters.
 As we know about 90% web users use Google or Bing. Therefore if you submit your sitemap to both, then it is sufficient.
I hope this post may be helpful for you to submit your site. If you face any problem, ask me by comment or visit contact us page. Also share this post or recommend it on Google so that others may know about it.

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