19 Oct 2016

30 Latest PC tricks October 2016 (( only new tricks)).

This post is about some useful pc and internet tricks.You can use these tricks to improve your experience on internet and personal computers.

1.       If you want to increase your RAM, do not need to spend money spent money. Simply connect your pen drive/flash drive/thumb drive to PC. Now go to properties of drive and enable Ready boost feature.

2.       It is possible to create your own setup/executable file by built-in feature of windows. Press window + Rand type iexpress. Now hit enter button.

3.       If you are facing slow net connection in PC or android devices. You can use Google weblights to load webpages faster. 
     It increase about 80% speed by decreasing quality of images and removing adds. 


4.       You can create your personal webpage for free, and use it for online portfolio, information related to business etc. You can share and link webpage on social sites. Some of them are:-

5.       Double click at top of any window to maximize it.

6.       Create a disposable email id. You can use it when you do not want to give your real email id.

·         https://10minutemail.net/

7.       To open new blank document in wordpad, notepad or paint. Press Ctrl + N. You can also use it in any browser to open new window.

8.       To make text bold press Ctrl + B and for italics press Ctrl + I. You can also press Ctrl + U to underline text.

9.       To copy paste and cut text/images/files/folder. Select desired file and Press Ctrl + c, Ctrl + v and Ctrl + x respectively. You can press Ctrl + S to save.
10.   Press Ctrl + A to select all.
11.   Press Window + Plus Sign or Window + Minus Sign to turn on magnifier.

12.   Press Window+u to enable onscreen keyboard.

16.   Upload files on sites like ziddu and play online quizzes in sites like Lapttuto earn some pocket money.

17.   To know your IP address, open command prompt (cmd) window and type ipconfig.

18.   If you want to know IP address of any website, open command prompt window and type nslookup websitename.

Example:-   If you want to know IP address of info4download blog then type  nslookup info4download.com  in command prompt window.       

19.   To know your operating system details type wmic os in command prompt.

20.   To display list of currently running process type tasklist in command prompt.

21.   Open command prompt and type shutdown.exe –t 00  to shut down your PC.

22.   Open command prompt and type color 02. It will change color. You can use different numbers for different colors.

23. Visit fotor, to edit your photos with advanced tools.

24. To download any video in YouTube, add ss before YouTube in URL.

25. To change position of currently open window. Press Window + Direction Keys.

26. You can use Google for entertainment also. Just search given below keywords in Google or click on any word.
      askew, recrusion, do a barrel roll, google space, google sphere, google heart, zerg rush, google gravity, atari breakout.

 27. To open any link in new window, simply middle click on it.

28. In window 8 and 10 you can use buit-in feature called snip tool to take snapshot of screen. But in earlier version you can take snapshot by pressing print screen key from keyword and paste it in MSpaint by pressing Ctrl + V.
    29. You can play media files in Chrome or Firefox by dragging and dropping in browser window.

   30. You can set smartphone like pattern lock feature in your Windows PC by using Eusing Maze Lock software.

I hope you enjoyed above tricks. If you have any question, confusion, query or suggestions feel free to comment below. You are always welcome.

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