12 Oct 2016

Why superhero games are not much popular now?

Video games are one of best gift of technology. We all like to play popular games like temple run oz and subway surfers for pc. But have you ever thought that why people do not prefer to play superhero games, On other hand Superhero movies like Captain America and Iron man are earning lot? 

Thousands of superhero game downloads and superhero game reviews are available in internet and many superhero games are still in development. But expert or experienced game players avoid these games. Well in this post I will describe why these games are considered as kid games.

Story and concepts.

Generally we see that story of superhero games reflects from movie or comic book series, which destroy its suspense. We already know what is going to happen and what we have to do. There is no surprise to entertain players. So we can say that game story and character development of superhero games is worst. Whereas games like Prince of Persia give good and legendary example of game storyline.
A good story leaves long term effect on player’s mind, which encourages him to play game again and again and he eagerly waits for latest release of game. A good story is must for feeling of adventure but superhero games truly lacks this.

Graphics, sound effect and environment.
Though Superhero games have good graphics but it is nothing in front of games like God of war. For example if you play God of war 3 PC game, you will find something new in each level, whole game takes place at different platforms, which gives feeling of adventure along with action.
On other hand if you play games like transformer you have to play different levels in same environment, which becomes boring after some levels. Superhero games fail to give experience of new environment to players. 

Lack of strategy and repeated content.

Superhero games do not features strategy making which is very essential. There is lot of action and superb animated moves in superhero games but players get irritated by using all these again. Also it is seen superheroes are more powerful than villains which makes game more worst. In whole game you have to only beat and beat enemies without using your mind. This is because experienced video game player would prefer to play IGI or delta force instead of Hulk or Spiderman.
One more thing you may notice while playing superhero games that there is lot of repeated content and almost similar method to beat boss enemies in different parts. For example if you play Spiderman, you have to defeat  rhino using same method in all parts whereas if you play non-superhero games like resident evil you will find different method to kill giant monsters.

Still have scope.
Instead of lots of limitations superhero games have huge scope in future because it is nice experience for kids to plays as their superhero. They can control their super hero and beat their enemies. Other reason for these demerits of superhero games is that they are especially made for kids and it is not safe to embed lot of violence in such games.

Overall superhero games may be more interesting if there are some puzzling situations, repetition is avoided and most important unique storyline.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. You are always welcome if you have any suggestion regarding theme and content of blog. Keep visiting for many more cool and interesting stuffs like this.

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